How much are driving lessons Leeds?

How much are driving lessons Leeds?


Driving lessons vary from town to town and school to school.  Prices vary from. £20-£35.  Normally the best instructors can charge a higher price, this might be because the instructor is possibly:

A high grade instructor

Have a very high pass rate

Lots of experience

Lots of good reviews on Google

Offer other services like free theory test tuition

In must situations you get what you pay for so you’ve got to ask yourself why some driving schools offer prices from £10/hr.  They offer these prices either because they have just started in the business and have no experience or can’t maintain current pupils so have attract pupils by price rather than quality. Some big franchise companies have lots of instructors but not enough work so they lower their prices to maintain their instructors, these instructors tend to be ones who can not maintain a business independently because of their instruction so be careful when choosing these schools.

Driving lesson prices

Driving lesson prices

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