Motorway driving lessons Leeds – Pass Plus Leeds

After passing your driving test do you need to do motorway lessons?

Most pupils do not normally take up the offer of  additional lessons or Pass Plus.  But for the sake of another 2hrs tuition the experience could be invaluable.  My biggest tips for driving on a motorway would be:

1.  Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle infront (2 second rule).

2. Keep space around you (if possible no vehicles to left and right of you) and keep constant observation of the flow of traffic behind you.

3. Look well ahead and assess the speed of other traffic in your lane, if any traffic is travelling slower try to deal with early by either reducing speed or changing lanes if safe.

4. Be aware of vehicles in your blind spots when changing lanes, always have a quick glance.

If you are nervous about motorways give BB Driving School Leeds a call.

You never know you might really enjoy it!