Defensive Driving

The roads today are busier than ever.  As well as heavy traffic, drivers have to cope with unpredictable and dangerous driving behaviours of other drivers.  Drivers needs to learn and practise a defensive driving strategy.

Defensive driving is based on observation, good anticipation and control.  Always anticipate worst case scenario when approaching any hazard (a hazard is anything that might cause you to change speed or direction).

Your safety and others lies in your hands.  The better you control your car and the road space around you, the safer you should be.

With defensive driving you will show patience and anticipation.

Observation – When you check your mirrors you must act on what you are see.  You must make note of



Possible intentions

of other road users.  If you’re not observing correctly, you will not be able act effectively if the traffic situation changes quickly.



Decide before you


A good driver will always be looking near, far, side to side and try to anticipate what might happen before it does.  A good driver will react, a better driver I will anticipate.

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