Can you pass your test in 1 week?

fast pass course

Trying to pass your test in 1 week can be done but it is very intense and hard.  There is a lot of information to take in and driving for long periods can be very tiring.

Most driving schools which offer 1 week driving courses will normally do an assessment lesson before the course, to give you a rough idea of how many lessons it will take to pass, here lies the first problem.  The assessment lesson will normally be for 1/1.5 hours, which if you are a complete beginner half of this will be taken up with a basic controls not giving the instructor much chance to assess correctly.  Therefore the amount of lessons you’re told could be too high(not too much of a problem) or too low(big problem).  The problem if too low is after the week of intensive lessons you will not be ready to pass your test, what do you do then?  either move your test and do additional lessons or try your test when not at the standard required and fail.  Most pupils who pass their test 1st time normally have 40-50 hours tuition, if you are doing a in 1 week course you’re probably going to have to do 6-8 hours and day, you will have to take a break every few hours.  6-8 hours a day driving can be very tiring, the 1st part of the day you’ll take in information but towards the end of the session it will become a lot harder.

If you were to take a fast pass driving course it would benefit you if you already have some experience and also if you could take the lessons over 2 weeks so not too much driving each day.


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