Where is the best place to take your driving test in Leeds?

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Where is the best place to take your driving test in Leeds?


When you start your driving lessons you will probably stay quite local in the beginning.  As you progress and your skills improve it would benefit you if you were to take your lessons where you are finally be going to take your driving test.  We dont advise just driving on test routes but it would be a help on your driving test day if you already driven on the roads.  Always try to choose a driving test centre which is local to where you live, you dont want to be driving more than 30 minutes to test centres.  The test centres BB Driving School use are Harehills, Horsforth and Wakefield.  By far the easiest of the 3 and the one with highest pass rate is Wakefield.  The test centre is located behind Silkwood Farm Pub, Mothers Way Silkwood Park Wakefield Ossett West YorkshireWF5 9TR.


If you choose to take your test in Harehills we feel it is a little bit harder and it has one of the lowest test pass rates in the country.  The routes and roads are not too bad but the standard of driving of the other drivers around you doesn’t help.  The most common fault for failing in Harehills is observation so not so much you didn’t drive wrong but you didn’t see what someone else was doing.


Horsforth test centre has quite a good pass rate and the routes and roads are quite straight forward.  There does seem to be lots of meeting situations to deal with and there are plenty of opportunities to drive on high speed roads so be sure that your 100% on these two subjects.


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